I’m often asked what training method I use. The answer is simple: whatever works. All dogs are different and react differently. I shape my training to each individual dog, finding what method works best for each. I have found that many trainers have a set method and push every dog into this program. To me that is like trying to fit square into a circle. Sometimes it works, but you miss out on lots of potential. And sometimes it turns into a horrible mess. I’d rather realise the whole potential of the dog and avoid the mess.

My training is very intensive and hands on. Dogs go through 15 days of training (sometimes more, depending on the case) for one to two hours daily. Most training, especially in the beginning, will take place outdoors and on a walk. Indoor work will follow. Dogs remain in their home during this process; after all, it does no good to have a dog become perfect in my home. Lest you think you’ll have gotten off easy, dear dog owner, this training involves you just as much as it does your dog. I can make your dog respect and respond to me, usually within minutes. But how does that help you? They of course need to respond to you just as much as they do to me. And so, while I don’t necessarily need you along for every single session, I will need you to set aside time to come along once or twice per week.


The first step in the training process is a consultation session. During the consultation, I will meet you and your dog, and we will determine the level of training needed.

The fee for a consultation session is £25, and the session generally runs between one to two hours.

Puppy Training

Puppy training involves everything you need to know about your new best friend. We will cover puppy proofing your home, potty training, walking on the lead, going to the bathroom on command and how to properly socialize your puppy.

The cost of puppy training is £40 per session.

General Dog Training

General dog training refers to dogs that simply need to learn some manners. These are the dogs that are generally happy and their favourite past time is taking their owners waterskiing during walks. This dog will be ecstatic to meet anyone and everyone, usually up close and personally and often by jumping on them.

The cost of general dog training is £40 per session.

Wild Child Dog Training

Wild child dog training involves dogs that are much like those in general dog training, but these behaviours have been allowed to continue and develop over time. Pulling on the lead and dragging owners has become trying to dart into the street to get to another dog or person. Greeting other dogs may involve growling. Jumping up to greet people is now a scary experience for everyone.

The cost of wild child dog training is £50 per session.

Red Flag and Dangerous Dog Training

Exactly what it says on the tin. This dog has been in trouble before. They have bitten humans and/or other dogs. There are very few truly vicious and aggressive dogs out there, but fear aggression is a real thing and it permeates all areas of the dogs life, and yours by extension. Food aggression and guarding is expected. Having guests come to your home is a trial, if not a danger. Walking this dog is to take your life into your own hands. Your dog is anxious and scared, which makes you anxious and scared. Which scares your dog even more. Which scares YOU even more. And on and on, the vicious cycle continues. So you stop walking your dog and both of you slowly go mad, trapped in your home with no hope of escape. Until someone breaks the cycle.

Red flag and dangerous dog training runs between £60-£75 per session, depending on the level of danger the dog presents.